A Profile of Tagliavia & Co.

Our company represents the majority of P&I Clubs throughout Sicily, as well as in some ports of Italy and Sardinia. We pride ourselves with over a century's experience operating in the maritime field, on behalf of, and in the interest of Shipowners, Charterers, Marine Insurers, Shipbrokers, Shippers, Exporters, Traders, Flag States. Over the years our company's structure has evolved to adapt to changes within the maritime industry, which has become more sensitive to the topics of safety and quality besides the problematic area of claims handling, defence and loss prevention.

We have found that the most efficient way of dealing successfully with these issues is to provide all technical, commercial and legal assistance through a group of inter-linked associated companies that is better equipped to adapt to the incessant changes in today's maritime industry. The advantages of such a structure are that an effective overview of the whole problem is ensured at all times; all efforts are channelled in one particular direction and costs are maintained at a minimum for each individual case.